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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  October 25, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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you are looking live a at the bay bridge where they are getting ready to move the eastern span into place before bolting them down. janelle wang is live at the bridge with the latest mileone with the masse construction project. >> they are calling this next milestone, kind of like the superbowl. crews ar putting in anothe section of the main tower. a piece is being hoisted up right now. its ow and delicate process with a lot of engineering and physicgoing into it. crews mobiliz getting everyone in place for the next big step. they will be working arod the clock for the next four days. they are adding another section to the single tower suspension
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bridge. imagine a tower being a school cut up in five different sections, each section as four legs. first one went in th past july. the legs are at least 107 feet in length weighing over a million pounds. so far the weather conditions are perfect but caltrans will be keeping an eye out for one thing. >> wind is probably the wors thing. you can imagine something that heavy an starts moving around. >> it's being placed down at bridge level so drivers can see the action but caltrans keep your eyes on the road. third section will be arriving in december. after all five sectio put in the tower will soar 525 feet in the air. the san is expected to be
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completed in late 2013 and price tag so far, $5.4 billion. reporting live on treasure island. janelle wang. >> new ethics questions are being raised about overseas trips about high speed rail officis. the bills were paid by officials from several nations tat are trying to build the bay area rail project. they took tours of train systems in spain, france or germany last year. the details travel gifts to agencies are required by state ethics regulators but high speed officials have not provided accounting or details of their trips. >> an autopsy will be made on an employee from a state hospital in napa. suspect is 37-year-old jess with witness ard massey is in police can you tell. he was declared nine and placed
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in the hospital back in 1993 the victim was donn gross and the body was found in the courtyarof the hospital. she had worked as a psychiatric technician at the hospital for 14 years. some say her death was preventable and they spoke to abc 78 news on the condition they disguise their identities. >> we're talking about getting hit over the head with cement. we're talking about attempted rape. >> we don't don't want to be exposed. the hospital system does not want to be exposed. >> so far theyave not responded to the allegions. they say this is the first death of an employee at a state mental hospital in 20 years. >> pg&e 30 day pipeline assessnt is expected to be presented today. the puc ordered pg&e to insuspect all of the gas lines after the deadly san bruno fire.
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they have released $171 million of fines this they have levied but not a singles fine was issued against pg&e for violating any natural gas safety laws, bu the utility has more violations than all the other stated operators combine >> ben bernanke now says regutors are examining whether mortgage companies cut corners on foreclosing hos. bank of america says they are finding problems on the paperwork. the bank says it found paperwork proble up to 25 of the sever hundred it looked at so far. it's reviewing more than hundred thousand foreclosures. and a new report shows sales of previouslyccupied homes rose last summer. the national associion of realtors says sales grew 10% since last september.
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concerns about flawed foreclose documents could keep people from buying in the final months of the year. >> the giants will practe today for the first time since beating the phills. the team flew back to san francisco yesterday to an enthusiastic welcome at at&t park, that is where they'll py the rangers. terry mcsweeney is live at the park with more on fan reaction and a difficulty in getting ticket >> reporter: a lot of people are looking for tickets. the gias have made it all the way to the world series and now fans want to see history in the making. that is why dozens of fans cam out here to at&t ballpark this morning toet their hands on some tickets but like the mighty casey, they struck out. >> jeremy got in line just li he did in 2002. >> i'm here to try to get tickets to the world series.
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been here all night been here since yesterday. >> reporter: giants came out to thank their fans which followed this scene where bubble fled after they becam national league champions. he was withdrawing $500 so he could buy tickets for himse and two children. >> the kids are like, anything else would be cool. there was line growing. the giants had a representative with a dose of reality. >> no public sales? >> there is a lottery. >> and giants fans felt like silly fans. zaf area had driven up from san jose. >> i was going to spend at least
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$500 for four tickets. guess i won't be able to get them now. >> big disappointment, just like the giants begin to ral. >> giants win and it's not that bad. it it's all good. >> reporter:ust to make it clear the giants management never said they were selling tickets out here. it started on rumor and now they are all sold out. go to stubhub and you can get standing room tickets between $400 and $500 and upper deck between $500 and $800. and lower deck, very high prices. we want to see how you are getting ready to cheer the events on to victory. send your photos and video or e-mail it to u down to election day, still
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ahead the polical heavy hitter making a last minute campaign pushight here in the bay area today. >> plus, president obama will be in rhode island today campaigning but one rhode island democrat isn't rolling out the welcome mat. wanted -- kids with a funny bone. a unique study that could look how humor changes the ain. i spend three hours my homework -- or at least that's wt my mom thinks. with high spd internet from at&t, i get my homework done fast, leaving me time to download moes and music and chat with my friends. [ mom ] hos your studying? it's coming along! [ female announcer ] workaster, play more with the fastest internet for the pre. call to get high speed fo$14.95 a month with a one-year price guartee. please, i know what he'sp to. high speed internet from at&t so fast at we get more done in less time, leaving me timto chat... watch movies... without teenage distractions.
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san joseolice and firefighters are offering a $10,000 regard to catch the people w are taking measure v
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signs. this video shows a councilmember handing the no on v. they say he removed them from private property illegally. if passed on november 2nd, measure v will limit raises police and firefighters can get through contract arbitration. >> first lady michelle obama is expected to be in the bay area tonight raise money to raise money for candidates. >> the fir lady will be attending a fund-raiser at the fairmont in san francisco. tonight's visit will be her second since president obama took office. she is also expected to return later this week to campai for barbara boxer. >> no cment from the white house on the angry outburst from the democratic candidateor the governor of rhode island. while the president is campaigning in that state he
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isn't endorsing anybody in that ways. the governor called it washington politics at its worse. >> rho island smallest state in the nations the center of the political universe today. president obama is back on the road racing campaign cash in providence and while donors may be opening their checkbook can one democrat is not greeting him with open arms. he has not endorsed a democratic candidate inhode island's gubernatorial race. that is because of the friendship with and running for governor as an independent. cabrio fired back. >> i never asked for his endorsement. he could take his endorsement as far as i'm concerned. >> he is so steamed by e presidential slight, he would not appear with any events with president obama.
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these days he is going to safe territory. this is the 23rd to a blue county with an average of 70% of the vote. michael steel is also campaigning in rde island today, a day after he predicted big gains for republicans next tuesday. >> i think you'reoing to see a with a wave, an unprecedented wave. >> not surprisingly his democratic counterpart projected confidence. >> we got work to do but we think we can do it. >> some of the democrats are playing defense, like joe biden and bill clinton to get out vote in some very blustates. a new poll suggts that democrats may no be getting help in the november elections from voters who are still on the fence, especially on congressionacandidates, it found th 45% of persuadable voters prefer the republican house candidate while 38% pick
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the democric contender. looks like it going to be a nice day today. is a look at some of the sunshine breaking out. we have a jetstream that will bring high cuds. we'll lk about the chance of rain and how it could affect the world series. >> check this out. story what caused a house to collapse in the ocean and new standardto cutmissions for trucks. i spenthree hours on my homework --
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you can tell by the debris flying in the street. amazing video out of texas as a tornado mov through narro county. officials y it did significant damage to dozens of hom and schools and overturned several
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vehicl on a highway. at least four people were reported hurt. >> there it goes. >> different sort of weather issue here. take a loo at this. in washington ate, strong winds pulled it into the ocean. they say the property had erod about 750 feet since july of 2009. fortunately nobody was iide the home when it collapsed. mother nature. >> i heard was a mile from the ocean back in the '80s. that is a lot of erosion. we've got a little bit of rain in the forecast. >> gamewo, thursday. let's talk about that and show you wha is going on. we'll get it all straightened out, ven days worth of weather. pretty sunny skies. thanks to 160 miles per hour jetstream. a loof moisture on the ground
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and when it stagnates we'll see more f around tonight. look at santa rosa, 52 degrees. fog is lifting in your neighbhoods. rest of us in the upper 50s to low 60s except for los gatos at about 54 degrees. monterey bay, temperatures in the low to mid-60s. a lot of suhine developing there. dry and breezy this afternoon and definitely see more sunshine. clear and cool tonight with valley fog forming. look f wet weather thursy and again friy and saturday as the progressive pattern returns, we'll go with partly cloudy. mid-50s in the east bay valleys. low to mid 50s along the et bay shore to richmon to 61. to oakland, hayward at union city at 64 degrees. down in the south bay, mid to upper 60s. mid-50s on the peninsula with san mateo about 63. along the coast, look for temperatures in the upper 50s downtown, south san francisco, low mid 50s with all the
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north bay valleys in the mid-60s. down around the monterey bay, monterey and carmel in the upper 50s. rest of the bay and salinas in the mid-50s. look for the thickest fog in the north bay valleywhere temperatures will in the mid-50for santa rosa and napa. the jetstream, 150 mile-an-hour wind blowing in this front away from u the high pressure will barely hold on. look for clouds fromime to time but thursday the storm systemn. at the end of game two, light rain will develop around san francisco. it will become more showery in nature for friday and saturday. warmer temperatures wednesday and thursday outhead of the next system and then it will be cool friday and saturday. a lingering swer is possible
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sunday morning but sunday evening into evening hour looks like iwill be dry for tricor-treaters. >> they issued national standards for school buses, big rigs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. big rig trucks will be required to improve gas mileage and cut emissions by 20% by the year 2018. school buses and work truc must als cut emissions and improve mileage by 10% in the same amount of time. the changes are expected to save 500 million barrel of oil within the first five years of the program. >> kids with a funny bone, stanford and lucille packard hospitals are lookg for voluntrs to help them the unique studyn the sense of developing a sse of humor. how the brain changes as the sense of humor develo. childr will have to be paid, they will have watch film clips
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while getting an mri. >> ten-year-old boy goes to extreme lengths to tell his father he wasn't happy with father he wasn't happy with dinner. you know it's bad when the press as if you'd take a lie detect test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in califora. she got caught in insider deals at goldmanachs. she changed her sty about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails onmmigration knowing her housekeeper of 9ears was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned false and misleading. and even her hetown newspaper said meg whitman has monstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"
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today on oprah, a miraculous twist fo a family. then at 5:00, opening statements on the chandra levy's trial begin and also, fire ravaged san bruno and the effects. those stories are the 5:00. >> father's dinner was not good enough for one ten-year-old illinois boy. they say when they got to the house the boy was arguing with
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his father. all of this was over noodle soup he was calling to complain that he did not like the dinner, the noodle soup and the police said that it didn rise to the leve of an emergency. >> it' good that i don't cook. >> game two could see a little rain. >> we'll definitely have warm weather. we could have temperatures start at that game around the upper 50s. and we'll see clouds towards the end of the game. game two, by the end of the game the models are in pretty consensus light rain will be developing in the north bay and moving down over n francisco by the time that game ends. most of the games go around
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three and a half hours so it's pretty close. it's a couple days away and give you a better forecast closer to the time. >> mike, thank you very much. "who wants to be a millionaire"
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